Rise with the moon
Can I just say how awesome this fandom was this week?


Because we were.

No leaks. Not even frames released. All we got was that measly Korranation clip- not even a real preview of episode 6.

I have to say, we did really well, which is especially awesome because tomorrow’s the half-way point for the season!

We’ve made it half way guys!

What I think is even more exciting (unpopular opinion, but oh well) is that we’re going in there blind this week. We don’t know what’s going on. We’re just going to be subjected to whatever the hell happens. This week, we’ve been reduced to the normal fans sitting on their couches and biting their fingernails while shit goes down. It’s scary- I mean, imagine if we went in last week completely clueless! We woulda all  died!- but I think we can do it. I mean, I love spoilers as much as the next fan, but don’t you think there’s something authentic about going through without a single hint of what’s going on?

Well, regardless, great job everyone! Hopefully we can keep this ideal tomorrow XD

Watch a super spoilery clip get leaked at midnight or something because THIS FANDOM.

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    You’re right (: And I think it’s actually easier for us to wait withouy all those leaks, because we’ve no idea what’s...
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    Speaking as a member of both this and the YJ fandom, I am incredibly grateful for this. I vastly prefer going into the...
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    I think we’re too emotionally scarred from episode 5 to go looking for trouble.
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    Yes! I’m also very happy about this. I didn’t have to worry about spoilers at all this week. See, fandom, we can do it!...
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