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Why I think Lin Beifong has the greatest chance of being killed off

A few weeks ago my friends and I were discussing whether or not a major character in LOK might be killed off and if so WHO would it be? After episode 6 we came to the conclusion that it would be Lin Beifong. We came up with reasons why she’s the most “killable” of all the main cast:

1.She’s pretty much alone- Even though the entire LOK fandom adores Lin, you must admit that in the actual series Lin doesn’t have many loved ones/attachments. Sure, Tenzin probably loves her, but he’s just a friend. And it’ll stay that way. Lin has no children, she’s single, her mother is dead, her father is nowhere to be seen…she’s alone. And I hate to say it but it’s pretty easy to kill off characters that have no attachments.

2. She’s old- Okay not that old but she is very old compare to most of the main cast.

3. She’s a cop- Not only is she a cop, she is a brave, headstrong and selfless cop who is willing to put herself in the line of fire to protect those who are in danger. Need I explain why this is on the list?

4. She gets in the way of a canon relationship- As much as I love Linzin it will never happen. Tenzin will never leave Pema and his kids for Lin because he loves them way too much. But I admit Lin and Tenzin have lots of sexual tension and I believe Lin still has some romantic feelings for Tenzin. Even Pema can sense that and based on that new clip she feels uncomfortable seeing them together alone.

5. She was left in charge of protecting a main character’s family- Ah this is the newest reason. When I saw the new clip it worried me because it reminded me of how in movies when someone is left in charge of protecting an important family they usually end up sacrificing themselves to keep the children/family safe. The funny thing is that after my friend and I watched episode 6 and we were theorizing possible deaths for Lin we came up with the idea that Lin would die protecting Tenzin’s family. At first we were very sad but then we shook it off thinking “Hah when will Lin ever be put in that situation? Air temple island seems safe, and Lin will probably never go there. If something tragic like that would ever happen it would probably happen in season 2.” 

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I admit that after that new clip was released I immediately thought of my “Lin dies protecting Pema and the kids” theory and couldn’t help but picture Pema naming her new child “Lin” after the brave woman who gave her life to save her family…

I’m not saying Lin will die I’m just saying that out of the main cast she has the greatest chance of dying…OH WELL I love Lin to death and I hope she lives a long happy life and this is just a STUPID theory of mine that will most likely never happen, but I just wanted to share my thoughts in a poorly written manner ok I will stop talking now please don’t kill me… *HIDES*

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    She also serves as the most Vasquez-like of the main female characters. See here Though since it’s Nick she probably...
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    AHHHH! I can see it totally happening. ashoigjknkfnwoeifj!
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    she cannot die i will die with her lin baby dont leaveeee
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    No, no, oh god, please no! I don’t want anything bad happen to my precious Lin!
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    Oh god. I’ve just died inside.
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