Rise with the moon

They’re gonna kill off Katara in the first episode aren’t they

So glad they didn’t pull a Game of Thrones, and made Jinora go fully bald.

FUCK Korra spoilers coming in

too broke to buy the episode

so i’ll be MIA until i see it tomorrow on nick

THIS KORRA EPISODE!! ZUKO! IROH! Asdsfkglhljsbdkhsbdkdnmdns FEELINGSSS

So when are we getting more P’Li tho

I need the link for the new korra episode please!!! I’ll love you forever

"Not a Firelord. A Khaleesi.

Korra Book 3 in a nutshell

All the LOK finale craziness aside…

…since the physical world and Spirit World are combined again…does that mean that Iroh and Zuko will be able to see each other again??

Can someone please send me a link to watch this week’s Korra episode??





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