Rise with the moon
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Sokka: Leavin yo' home ta come help us? Thatz hard.
Zuko: It wasn't dat hard.
Sokka: Straight-Up biatch? Yo ass didn't leave behind any muthafucka you cared about?
Zuko: Well, I did gots a ho. Mai.
Sokka: That gloomy ho whoz ass sighs a lot?
Zuko: Yeah. Everyone up in tha Fire Nation be thinkin I be a traitor. I couldn't drag her into dat shit.
Sokka: My first ho turned into tha fuckin moon.
Zuko: Thatz rough, dawg.
how about fictional characters? who do you relate the most with?( personality wise)

I’d say Sokka! We are both sarcastic, logical, science lovers who tell bad jokes! And…we love meat <3 Also we are both great with animals!

H: Momo or Sokka?

H. Who would win in a fight?

I just realized I didn’t answer this I’m sorry asdfghjl;


Hands down.

I mean I love Sokka and all but come on

Come on

Favorite non-bender and favorite element! :D

1. Favorite non-bender

SOKKA! HANDS DOWN! Then again he is my favorite character haha

2. Favorite Element

I’d have to say water! It’s the most versatile. But I see myself as more of an earthbender because I have the grace and fluidity of a rhinoceros!

Avatar the Last Airbender’s original plot from early production?

Found on a forum. Not sure if real but it seems legit…an interesting speculation nonetheless

Toph and Azula were boys? Katara had the hots for Toph? Aang got jealous??

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Kissing Scenes

I like how Sokka is the one getting the action in half of those. Make that more than half since that Toph!kiss was meant for him too. No make that all of the action since i’m pretty sure Zuko pictured Sokka’s face everytime he kissed Mai.

Found the complete Avatar series on DVD on eBay for only $30

But I don’t have a credit card….



We had to team up and fight her off. So, no, I don’t think there will be a second date.


We had to team up and fight her off. So, no, I don’t think there will be a second date.

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